Natural Cooking--How to Make the Switch

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Quick meals, preservatives, and instant snacks plaster the shelves at the grocery stores. There are numberless options of packaged products that engulf the entire store, leaving very little room for fresh produce and other fresh foods. With the endless isles of bright packages, people get sucked into this advertisement sabotage, not realizing that this way of eating is slowly killing them. How does one break this cycle? The answer to this dilemma is to make the transition to all natural cooking by acquiring knowledge about preservatives, finding and using all natural recipes, and throwing out processed foods.

I remember the journey that I embarked on years ago when I was determined to eat better. I looked at my cupboards and my storage shelves and wondered, "Where do I begin?" I felt overwhelmed! When it comes to altering bad habits, the first steps can always seem impossible. It was impossible to start all natural cooking as long as I was ignorant to preservative names. So, I went on the internet and begin searching. Monosodium glutamate was the first that I wanted to avoid and discovered the other names for it such as autolyzed yeast, yeast extract, hydrolyzed soy protein, etc. Sodium nitrites and nitrates are added to ham, hot dogs, bacon, and pepperoni. Processed meats were something I wanted to avoid all together. I studied aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose (all artificial sweeteners). This was the beginning of my research, which has led to the discovery of many more preservatives to keep away from. The study of preservatives will enlighten any who are interested in making a change. It opened my eyes and made me realize that the time to act was now!

After I had gained knowledge about food additives, I began to experiment with recipes. I knew there had to be a way to cook my favorite foods with all natural ingredients. Flavor enhancers became a food additive of the past, and I started to experiment with spices. Oregano, basil, and thyme are in the same spice family; therefore, they work great together. I remember when I came across a Hamburger Soup recipe that sounded scrumptious. The problem was that it was laden with Velveeta cheese. Using common sense, I experimented with spice combinations and kept the basic parts of the recipe. Soon, I discovered a flavorful combination that was delightful and all natural. From there, I decided to make my own broths. Beef broth and chicken broth are quite simple to create and have a savory flavor that is better than any processed form. Homemade beef broth, along with vegetables, spices, and roast beef produce a mouth-watering beef stew. This recipe is extremely delicious and requires only natural ingredients. Researching and experimenting with recipes leads to some great natural cooking.

One of the hardest steps to all natural cooking is to throw out all processed foods. Once I gained knowledge of food additives and preservatives, it became uncomplicated to recognize artificial ingredients. I soon realized that a lot of my canned foods were garbage and that is exactly where they belonged. At first, I rationalized keeping these foods telling myself that I was throwing away money. When the rationalization wore off, I realized that my long-term health was by far more important than a few junky foods with zero nutritional value. One of the hardest items to discard is drinks. Yes, pop, energy drinks, and any other forms of sweetened and flavored liquids are not even worth purchasing. I have not come across any that contain enough real ingredients to justify buying them. If I want a liquid to quench my thirst other than water, freshly squeezed juices are sufficient.

Converting over to all natural cooking is not as intimidating as it needs to be. The first step to making the switch is to research artificial food additives. After obtaining that knowledge, collect all natural recipes and convert to this way of cooking. Finally, think of long-term health and throw away the processed junk that is in the cupboards. There are a lot of wonderful recipes that will make this switch and new way of life worth it!

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Natural Cooking--How to Make the Switch

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This article was published on 2012/03/13