Juicing Beets Now Makes The Headlines!

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Beets have long been a more favored vegetable among vegetables. Due to its high nutrient value beets have proven to be beneficial in many areas of our greater wellness. Now this is truer than ever due to the publishing of recent studies.

Did you know that many athletes, like Olympians and Tour de France competitors are now using beet juice? Why? They are juicing beets to increase their energy level!

Beets have been considered a powerful vegetable for many years. Beets contain many elements that help our bodies in various ways. One major benefit for example, enjoyed from beets, claims major improvements to our cardiovascular health. Many report a reduction in blood pressure and other heart related symptoms. Some even claim their heart disease is no more, due to beet juice. Juicing beets can also provide many other benefits and is one item we all need to add to our diet on a regular basis.

Another benefit from juicing beets is better eye health. Beet juice is so good in this area that the conclusions are nothing short of amazing. Many are now enjoying better eye health than ever before from a few ounces of beet juice as a daily routine. The advantages of this phenomenal vegetable juice seem to be expanding on a weekly basis as people experiment and as more studies are completed.

A study on juicing beets, done in the UK, concluded that beet juice improved their participant’s ability to handle exercise stress by 16%! Can you imagine increasing a professional athlete’s physical stress factor by 16%? How would you like to be able to better handle your physical stress? It will be interesting to see how many records are broken in the next Tour de France race and in the next Olympics as these athletes are now juicing beets on a daily basis.

When juicing beets you need only a few ounces each day for your best results. We typically mix other vegetable juices with the beets because of the different flavors you can concoct. And, many other vegetables are very beneficial to your better health. The beets will add nice flavoring to certain other needed veggies that do not taste as good. The blending makes for both an appetizing and very healthy drink.

Vegetables of many different colors will provide the best nutrition. The colors in our vegetables are indicators of their nutrient content. Mix some red peppers into your breakfast and you will eat fewer snacks before lunch. Add some sliced beets to your salad for added benefits. Speaking of salad, stay away from the white or light green lettuce as much as possible, the darker the green the better. The white stuff actually takes nutrients from our body rather than adding anything.   

We need to be eating a complete rainbow of colors in our food for greater wellness. The wider the range of deep colors in our food the easier you will control weight and the healthier you’ll become. Why? Because of the additional nutrients you will be receiving. However, if you want the biggest bang for your nutrition, juice these colors and you will gain a higher percentage of nutrients each food has to offer.

When you look at all the facts you come to one conclusion: A juicing diet is a must to supplement your daily menu. Whether you want to improve your health, detoxify your system or use this natural means to lose weight, juicing can help. Choose what you want to accomplish with your health and juicing can help in more ways than most folks know.

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Juicing Beets Now Makes The Headlines!

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Juicing Beets Now Makes The Headlines!

This article was published on 2012/03/13